Bacterial Identification course

Course Description 

We will go through the journey of bacterial cultivation, until we reach the definite identification of bacteria, exploring the traditional methods of bacterial identification and basics of bacterial characteristics and bacterial classifications. Staining and different media and biochemical reactions used in bacterial identification will be discussed in the course, we will have discussions and workshops to insure you have fully understood the full objectives of the course,

What you’ll learn 

  1. Define classification, identification, species, genus, and binomial nomenclature.
  2. Properly use binomial nomenclature in the identification of microorganisms, including syntax, capitalization, and punctuation.
  3. Identify a microorganism’s phenotypic characteristics
  4. Describe how the classification, naming, and identification of organisms play a role in diagnostic microbiology in the clinical setting.
  5. List the staining techniques used to aid in the visualization of bacteria, explain the chemical principle and limitations for each, and provide an example of a clinical application for each stain.
  6. Define bacterial cultivation and list the most important purposes for bacterial cultivation.
  7. Define Bacterial Media list the general types of media and explain the general biochemical principle for each type.
  8. Explain The Most Common Bacterial Streaking Technique, the principle associated with the technique, and how colonies are enumerated using this technique.
  9. Describe The Importance Of Using Colony Morphology, Gram staining, and site of infection to identify a potential pathogenic microorganism.
  10. Explain The Use Chemical Principle Of The Following enzymatic tests used in preliminary bacterial identification
  11. Define and differentiate bacterial susceptibility and resistance; give an example of how these are used to assist in the identification of bacteria.
  12. List the basic identification components common to all commercially available multitest systems.

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